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Two Healthy Skin Sunscreens That Could Change Your Complexion Forever

best healthy skin sunscreens

One of the top skin care mistakes people make is neglecting to wear a protective sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF protection on a daily basis. Remember, the dangerous UV rays linked to premature wrinkles and skin cancer are just as powerful in winter months as they are in hot summer months. Therefore, you should always wear SPF protection on your face, neck, and all exposed skin. However, some sunscreens actually do more harm than good, which is why it’s helpful to understand basic sunscreen ingredients and terms. That way, you can make sure you’re choosing the best sunscreen to target your own unique skin care needs. In this blog post, I’ll define some important terms used in the sunscreen industry, as well as explain why and how they can benefit your specific skin care needs.

You’ll also find recommendations for two of the season’s most effective sunscreens by Spalina, Inc.:

Hydrating Mineral Zinc Oxide SPF 40

Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Benefits
Hydrating mineral zinc protection for even the most sensitive skin types. The 20% zinc oxide is the main active ingredient and that’s what wields the healing powers. It gives you a beautiful glow without the white residue.
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Mineral Tinted SPF 40 with Ceremides and Antioxidants C+E

Best Sunscreen for Melasma
Need sunscreen and healthy coverage all in one? This amazing tinted SPF with zinc oxide, antioxidants and ceramides will leave your skin flawless, protected and hydrated. Appropriate for all skin types and colors.
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The Best Sunscreens for Healthy Skin: Overview

  • Meet the Mastermind Behind the Serum: Licensed Holistic Esthetician & Healthy Skin Advocate
  • Healthy Skin Sunscreens 101: Understanding Zinc Oxide, Ceremides and Antioxidants C+E
  • Bonus: Where to Go from Here (Skin Care Blog Posts for Better Health)

The Licensed Esthetician Behind the Magic:
Why These Are Sunscreens You Can Trust

There’s nothing more frustrating than buying skin care products that don’t work! Unfortunately, in a market where consumers value cheap products, large beauty companies often market bogus products that only cause customers to waste money. To make matters worse, the creators of these skin care products don’t always have your well-being in mind. In other words, they just want you to buy, buy, buy – without thinking about the potential side effects of low-quality ingredients.

Epidermal Repair Serum
At her Skin Care Boutique in southern California, Spela performs an LED facial.

Because of this, it has become increasingly important to purchase natural skin care products from holistic estheticians like Spela Hernandez. Spela is a healthy skin advocate who emphasizes long-lasting results and beauty from within. Her extensive knowledge and over 10 years of experience has given her a wealth of wisdom and knowledge about skin care products and practices.

“Everyone deserves to have healthy, balanced skin,” explains Spela. “That’s why I consider both clinical and holistic options when creating a treatment protocol. The goal is to see immediate improvements, then design an at-home maintenance routine to achieve lasting results. I am 100% committed to improving the skin on a cellular level and believes that good skin health is a lifestyle.”

Spela Hernandez, Creator of Spalina, Inc. (A Natural Skin Care Line combining ancient holistic ingredients with the latest cutting-edge technology.)

Healthy Skin Sunscreens 101

In order to understand why these sunscreens by Spalina, Inc. are so effective, it’s important to understand some basic terms. In this section, you’ll find easy-to-understand definitions of the following terms:

  • Zinc Oxide and Mineral Sunscreens
  • Antioxidants C + E
  • Ceremides

Zinc Oxide and Mineral Sunscreens

There are two main types of sunscreens. One category includes “chemical sunscreens,” and the other encompasses “mineral sunscreens.” Chemical sunscreens can actually permeate your skin’s barrier and infect your body with toxins. In contrast, mineral sunscreens are safer because they remain on the surface of your skin. Zinc oxide is one of the healthiest forms of SPF protection.

Antioxidants C + E

Antioxidants are vitamins and minerals that protect your skin from free radical damage. They also promote a firmer, younger-looking, glowing complexion.

best natural skin care products

In Spela’s mineral tinted SPF 40 sunscreen, there are two specific antioxidants:

Vitamin C helps increase collagen and elastin production. It also naturally slows down the aging process, which means less fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin E also helps prevent aging. In other words, skin care products with Vitamin E can stop pesky lines from even forming in the first place. It also heals acne scarring and provides the hydration so desperately needed by dry or dehydrated skin types.

According to researchers from the University of Illinois, sunscreens containing antioxidants are more effective than sunscreens without antioxidants. The specific antioxidants mentioned in the study are Vitamins C and E. The reason these healthy skin sunscreens are better is because, no matter how good the sunscreen, a small amount of UV radiation may still reach the skin. The antioxidants serve as “back up protection” with revitalizing effects for the skin.


Ceramides are lipids that compose most of the skin’s moisture barrier. They help shield your skin from free radical damage caused by the sun and other environmental factors. They also help your skin stay properly hydrated. In fact, skin that lacks a sufficient amount of ceramides is frequently dry, itchy, and uncomfortable. It can even lead to a damaged skin barrier.

Products like professionally-formulated probiotic cleansers and sunscreens promote a strong skin structure that is resistant to premature aging or excessive dryness.

Where to Go from Here:
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Neglecting daily SPF is just one of the many common skin care mistakes. For example, another mistake is neglecting to cleanse the face in both the morning and the evening. I suggest checking out these 4 daily cleansers by Spalina, Inc. and adding one to your skin care regimen. You can also learn more amazing, transformative skin care tips from the following blog posts:

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